How you can Save Money on your Straight Line Pro Moving Service, and other special discounts:


  • You can reduce their moving costs by planning and booking your moving during the mid month periods when our trucks and crew are less busy and we lower our rates to save you money. Up to15-20% off. We lower our rates even more in the mind month
  • Pay your movers no more for the large 5-ton truck See Trucks Page for photos
  • If you are a repeat customer, you can qualify for a 10% discount as our way of thanking you for your loyalty.
  • For our seniors, we know that you have paid enough taxes so you don’t pay any taxes with us. We will pay it for you!
    Military discount on Moving Victoria BC
  • Military Discount 10 % off!
  • Other discounts and sales can include special pricing for commercial contract customers.
  • Many of our customers do their own packing, and move small items themselves to save time and cost. Some clients offer to assist in loading and unloading the truck as well.
  • The use of proper sized moving boxes can save a lot of time and money in the end. We sell moving supplies for much less money than Truck Rental companies. See packing Page
  • Be ready for your move date. Don't let it catch you. See Tips Page
  • Know and plan in advance where you would like your goods placed in the new address, so you dont have to take time to think about where you want your stuff put!
  • Be sure to book things like elevators, keys, and parking spaces for the movers in advance to save time charges. Keep everything out of way of movers while move in progress.
  • Having your move organized and well planned, will save you time and costs. Have a secured payment (Cash) ready to pay in full near the end of the move.

More Information on Moving Rates:

Please note that you do not pay extra for a larger truck. A larger truck will mean that your move will be done faster, even if you have a smaller move. Less time will be spent on packing a smaller truck as well. A larger truck will also mean you get it all in one load with ease.

We lower our rates in the mid month so you can save even more money.

Moves conducted long distance are set, contract rates based on the contents to be moved, location, ferry fees, fuel costs, access and so on.

We strive to have reasonable rates for exceptional and fast service. You will be satisfied with our easy handling of your move!

Please call the dispatch office and ask for the rate for your move requirement now at  250 516 6706

    • Please stay posted to learn about our Discounts and learn how to save money on your move!


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