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Moving Service by The ProsWhy should you hire Straight Line Pro Moving Service?

Some Considerations:

  1. Moving by yourself with friends can be more difficult that you anticipated. Sometimes help does not show up.
  2. Often there is little or no right equipment in rental trucks
  3. Rental trucks can cost more than you think (with the extras)
  4. Professional tactics and judgement are not used which can add to the stress and frustration of moving and make for an overall miserable experience.
  5. Hire our professional moving crew and avoid the stress and hassles. Save time, money and your back.
  6. Save damages on your assets.

 The typical woes of moving yourself

Moving yourself can get bad. Examples of hard moving may include, moving large sofas, hide a beds, appliances, desks, or heavy and awkward entertainment units. Doing this can prove impossible without inflicting some sort of damage to your furniture, walls, flooring or worse yet, yourself!

Furniture can often get stuck in tight corners, between walls and doors adding to the misery if proper technique and equipment is not used. Why risk it?

Moreover Elevators, tight, cornered  stairs, the loading/unloading of trucks, and the organization of it all can be more challenging than you might of expected. Many of our happy customers regret trying to do the move on their own in the past, with "low cost" rent a trucks.

They assert Straight Line Pro moving is money well spent!

 The Solution?

Treat yourself! Move in style, and with ease. It no longer has to be a loathed time. We make it easy.

  • Hire us! Our movers in Victoria BC have experience knowledge in the trade and with the modern proper equipment we use, we will get the task done timely, and carefully for you. See our reviews
  • Using necessary experience and equipment, such as dollies and skids, we can move large and awkward furniture through tight and difficult doors, corners, up or down stairs effectively. We then pack it efficiently into a truck with ease.
  • We are committed to providing new and improved, efficient moving systems and service to reduce costs for the consumer while maintaining excellent standards for customer service and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. The business is fully licensed and insures all furniture for damages.

More on our right euipment and moving service

  • All vehicles are inspected and pass BC and federal National Safety Code standards for commercial vehicles operating in Canada.
  • All necessary moving equipment such as ample furniture pads, 4 wheel dollies, floor runners, hand trucks, wardrobe boxes, wrap, safety equipment, tie down straps, etc. are on the moving truck and are included in your rate for the service!

"We're Moving the, Right Way!"





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