Moving and Storage in Victoria, BC

The right storage lockers for you, in Victoria BC

Try Straight Line Pro Moving Services for your storage solutions

Moving crew with over 20 Years exp in Moving and Storage in Victoria BC know the best solution for storage.

We can stack and load a locker using professional techniques to save costs and ensure no belongings are damaged. 

Short term:

  • If you need you good stored for a night to a few days or weeks, we can simply leave it in the truck or transfer it into a secure truck not in use. If more space is required we can use a regular storage locker. This is the lowest cost and efficient way to store for short term.

 Medium Term Heated or Climate Controlled Storage:

*****  Heated/climate controlled storage lockers are important when storing furniture and boxes due to our wet, west coast climate *****

  • We have access to heated and climate controlled storage rates for various size lockers are from $50-$400.  We use U Lock Storage which is a short drive from Saanich for short to medium term storage. For more information and photos, please visit U Lock Storage.


Our Storage Service for you.

  • We can arrange for your household, or commercial goods to be stored, with professional care and consideration 24 hours, seven days a week.
  • Emergency short notice service available too if you have an urgent need. In addition, free estimates are offered to those who would like an accurate assessment on their moving and storage requirements.
  • At Straight Line Pro Moving Services we deal with all kinds of storage needs on a regular basis.  As experienced and professional movers, we can accurately determine your storage needs in terms of square feet needed, based on the volume and weight of your contents.
  • Our expert loading techniques will ensure you get the best value out of your storage unit size, as well as ensure the loading is done in a timely manner. This will save you hassle and money. 
  • Contents including your costly furniture stored in our hands will be protected, padded, wrapped, insured, and stacked in such a way that will mean no damage to any of your valuables guaranteed! 


  • Get Straight Line Pro Moving Services'  to assist you in your storage needs will save you time, frustration, and money in the end.  


"We're Moving The, Right Way"





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